Alchemist - Joe Mason

Ballerina – Chloe Carson

Lion – Palie Seck

Timekeeper – Edmond Lloyd-Winder

Butoh dancer – Nelly Lewis

The Unicyclist – Adriano Ade Fettucini

Contortionists – Kika Green & Twisted Nymph

Clown – Luke Rollason

La Mime Artists – Streetmilk

Crows - Alex, Amy, Mignon, Chris, Rachel

The Drummers – Kiowa Kiowa & Tom Camidge



Writer & director  – Delphine du Barry

Scenographer - Delphine du Barry

Assistant director – Joe Mason

Sound designer – Greg Adsley

Costume designer – Ollie Redding

Co-Artist – Kat Elliot

Co-Artist – Jimmy Sohus

Lighting technician – Jake Ellery

Costume makers – Alice & Laura Agnes-Hughes

Set builder – Sal Lui

Origami maker – Sol Burt

Photographers – Nina Collada & Adrienn Deutsch

Film makers – David & Nuno

Make-up – Simona Slat  

R&D – Nicole Luk


a promenade, installation based theatre production 

written & directed by Delphine du Barry




The Show is an immersive, promenade-based piece that leads you through a series of dream worlds, taking you from the real and into the surreal, fall into a house of dreams where nothing is what it seems from the grotesque to the beautiful.  Providing you with a theatrical experience, set in amongst a series of installations combining physical theatre, dance, circus, storytelling and music. 

The House of Dreams is a dark little fairy-tale of alchemy, want and desire and a journey around the world travelling on dreamtime. It tells the tale of a broken Alchemist who has spiked his towns people with a mighty strong dose of sleep. One day he finds a strange box that obsesses his mind, taking him on an unexpected  journey travelling through dreams in search of happiness. 




South East 


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